Train with your mates & music while you get a leg up on next year’s competition. Using power, heart rate, and cadence with constant visual feedback and prescribed coaching, make the most of your off-season training.

You will need a road or mountain bike with a slick (road style) rear wheel, a bottle of water, and a towel for mopping up the sweat you’re about to make.  There is a changing room at the studio so you can come right from work to workout!

Not everyone can afford to buy power taps and software, but research suggests that 1 hour of focused indoor power-based training on a CompuTrainer is more beneficial than 2 hours of riding on the road.  Using the gold standard in indoor training technology, you can regularly train on a CompuTrainer with full analysis of your power every workout, enjoying the misery of others, using a prescribed training plan for the day.

$20.00 each for drop-in classes, or save $20 if you register for an entire session (One class/week for 8 weeks) and pay in advance ($140).  If you register for the entire session, your spot is reserved every week, and you won’t have to remember to sign up each week or worry about full classes!


Winter Session 1:  TUESDAY OR THURSDAY  5:45p-7:00p:

november-2016-calendar december-2016-calendar

Winter Session 2:  TUESDAY or THURSDAY 5:45p-7:00p:






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